New and exciting ministry efforts are underway at Faith Life Church. Under the direction and vision of our senior pastor, Bishop Ronald Fisher, we have always considered our church to be a progressive body of people.

Here are just some snippets of the things happening in the ministry:

Jesus is madly in love with children and so are we. Children’s Church has recently begun! The Lord has blessed us with an influx of small children who need to be ministered to as well. On Sunday mornings, all children are invited to get involved in the praise and worship through clapping, jumping, singing and dancing as we celebrate and give thanks to the Lord. Children from ages 1 to 8 are permitted to join us in Children’s Church under the direction of loving, competent volunteers who strive to teach children the truth of God’s word in fun, exciting and age appropriate ways.

Kingdom Men are being sharpened and developed through prayer, reading, fellowship and other events! Bishop Fisher leads the charge as the young boys, teenage boys, young men and older men gather on a monthly basis to learn about becoming better men and serving as their brothers’ keeper. The Kingdom Men have taken a retreat together, visited several professional sporting events, and regularly camp/cook out.

You can be young, have fun and be a Christian. Young Adults Fellowship is open to any person between the ages of 18 to 35. The group meets on a bi-monthly basis for fellowship, food and fun. During the most recent group meeting, Sister Sara Moore led an entertaining and thoughtful presentation regarding self-esteem and provided a delicious spread of foods to enjoy. Some of the group members visited a local carnival following the session!

Outreach is the responsibility of all of the members of Faith Life Church. Our outreach events are intended for church members to get out into the community and share the Gospel in various ways. Some of our outreach efforts have included giving personal care bags to the homeless, free fried fish dinner on the church lawn for all to come and dine, visiting nursing homes to sing and share the message of God’s love, and most recently a laundry detergent giveaway at two area laundromats.

We remain sensitive and open to God’s leading about the areas of ministry focus and look forward to God getting all of the glory from our good works!




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